Tri-City Fence, a family-run company serving California for over four decades, has the expertise and customization options for any Yucaipa fence project. We have deep expertise in both commercial and residential fence products, with a variety of options to meet your needs.

Situated just 10 miles east of San Bernardino is the city of Yucaipa. Now home to over 53,000 residents, Yucaipa was occupied by the Serrano people for approximately 1000 years prior to European settlement. The Yucaipa Valley was lush and fertile, with water provided by streams and creeks flowing from the peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains. The city’s name comes a Serrano word, Yu’kaipa’t, the meaning of which is in dispute. The Serrano village sat near a small lake and spring, so some believe the name means “low, marshy area,” though some say it means “place of big heads,” referring to local rock formations. Others contend that the name means “crying place,” relating more to the purpose of the Serrano village, a place where dispute were resolved. European settlement began with the Lugo family, who were granted Rancho San Bernardino in 1842, including modern-day Yucaipa. Digeo Sepulveda, a Lugo relative, built the Yucaipa Adobe, which is now believed to be the oldest structure in San Bernardino County. Modern Yucaipa was founded in 1910 as an agricultural community. Peaches, plums, and walnuts were cultivated in Yucaipa until after World War II. Over the next 60 years, Yucaipa slowly transitioned from rural community to a commuter suburb. Yucaipa was incorporated in 1989.

Are you planning a residential development? Tri-City Fence can provide you with a temporary fence for your construction site. Improving your residential property? Tri-City Fence offers a variety of fence options for homeowners. We offer temporary chain-link, free standing Rent-a-Fence Panels, Windscreens, Security Fences, as well as dog runs, pool enclosures, and electric gates. We can customize your order to be sure you are satisfied with the materials, color, and style. We are ready to provide you with an estimate for your Yucaipa fence project.

Event & Construction Temporary Fencing in Yucaipa, CA

Tri-City Fence provides Rent-A-Fence Solutions & Site Services for the
Yucaipa, California area.

Services provided in this area:

* Temporary Chain Link

* Rent-A-Fence Panels (Free Standing)

* Windscreen

* Security Fencing

* Site Services

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