Tri-City Fence has been operating in California for more than 40 years. Our family-run company has the expertise and customization options for any Indio fence project, whether it is residential or commercial, temporary or permanent.

Indio, California is situated in the Coachella Valley, about 125 miles east of Los Angeles and 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border at Mexicali. This city, once known as Indian Wells, saw its first train from Los Angeles in 1876. The City of Indio was founded to provide a halfway point along the railway between Los Angeles and Yuma, Arizona. Indio was chosen to replace “Indian Wells” as the name of the town due to the former’s prevalence as an already-used place name. The first building in Indio was the craftsman-style Southern Pacific Railroad Depot and hotel, the center of social life in the small desert town. Agriculture quickly gained on the railroad as a leading industry in Indio, including date palms, which became a key export. Water management has been key to Indio’s growth, both in terms of finding creative solutions in the middle of a desert, but also to protect residents from frequent and destructive flooding. As the importance of the railway faded, Indio continued to grow as a health spa destination for seniors and those afflicted by respiratory ailments. As Indio thrived, it was incorporated in 1930. Today, Indio is home to over 76,000 residents.

Tri-City Fence offers a variety of fence styles and options for any fence project. Residential or commercial, construction or home security, we can customize our product to meet your needs. We offer temporary chain-link, free standing Rent-a-Fence Panels, Windscreens, Security Fences, as well as dog runs, pool enclosures, and electric gates. We can customize your order to be sure you are satisfied with the materials, color, and style. Call us today for a quick estimate of your Indio fence needs.

Event & Construction Temporary Fencing in Indio, CA

Tri-City Fence provides Rent-A-Fence Solutions & Site Services for the
Indio, California area.

Services provided in this area:

* Temporary Chain Link

* Rent-A-Fence Panels (Free Standing)

* Windscreen

* Security Fencing

* Site Services

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