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Tri-City Fence is a family owned-and-operated business that has been serving California for over four decades. We have deep expertise in commercial and residential fence, with a variety of products and options to meet your needs in Chino Hills.

Chino Hills is a city located in the most southwesterly corner of San Bernardino County. During the Mission and Mexican Land Grant Eras, the Chino Hills were used primarily for cattle grazing. In 1910, the land was sold to Richard Gird, a local land developer. Because of its isolation, Chino Hills became a destination for tourists, bootleggers, and later hippies and artists escaping the bustle of Los Angeles. Until the 1970s, Chino Hills was primarily rural, and in following with its history, it was mainly used for equestrian recreation and dairies. During the 1980s and 1990s, Chino Hills saw the rapid development of planned residential neighborhoods, and saw growth in its population in turn. Chino Hills was incorporated as a city in 1991. Now home to about 75,000 residents, Chino Hills has been featured on Money magazine’s “best places to live” and “America’s hottest towns” lists.

Tri-City Fence offers a variety of fence styles and options for any fence project. Residential or commercial, construction or home security, we can customize our product to meet your needs. We offer temporary chain-link, free standing Rent-a-Fence Panels, Windscreens, Security Fences, as well as dog runs, pool enclosures, and electric gates. We can customize your order to be sure you get the perfect style and materials for your project. Call us today for a quick estimate of your Chino Hills fence needs.

Event & Construction Temporary Fencing in Chino Hills, CA

Tri-City Fence provides Rent-A-Fence Solutions & Site Services for the
Chino Hills, California area.

Services provided in this area:

* Temporary Chain Link

* Rent-A-Fence Panels (Free Standing)

* Windscreen

* Security Fencing

* Site Services

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